Liebe Care Team

Tia Greene

Liebe PR

Meet Tia Greene, the creator of Liebe Cares, Liebe PR & Savour TV.  This is one of her biggest passion projects yet, she has donated so much time & energy to source products, create a space for talented makers, passionate  & selfless souls to come together to celebrate frontline heroes. All of the proceeds/sales (besides the shipping cost) go towards makers who are a part of our initiative.  Whoever says passions can’t become your business has yet to meet Tia, Liebe PR’s founder, and director. Since founding the Liebe PR in 2012, Tia’s been able to offer a welcoming and celebratory space for diverse clients of literature, food and wine, travel, art, and shopping, all of which are her favs! Life for her isn’t about competition, but about growing and helping one another, so she genuinely lives for the moments of making her clients and partners' dreams a reality!

If she's not creating purposeful campaigns with her team at Liebe PR or savouring away with inspiring souls on her tv series, she explores the shores and mountainsides finding new gems with her love, Lyle Granger. 


Lauren Hubbard

Lauren Liz Photo

Meet our lifestyle photographer, Lauren! Who has donated her time & talent to capture all of the products in our seasonal care kits.  She is a commercial and editorial photographer with a passion for storytelling. She has an eye for light, expression, connection, and nuance which allows her to create vibrant, lively images that capture the big picture as well as the beauty in the details.
She helps creatives, entrepreneurs, businesses, and publications to communicate and engage with their audiences through storytelling images that captivate and inspire! If she's not capturing moments, she is celebrating life and much more with her family in Alpharetta, GA!


Shelly Yaloz

Liebe PR

Meet Shelly Yaloz, a passionate voice at Liebe Cares. She is our community relations gem who has a love of helping others and working in team environments. She is a Boston University junior with majors in hospitality administration and advertising. When she is not crafting content for our Liebe Cares initiative, other digital activations, and campaigns, or studying, you can find her on the Division 1 tennis team competing her heart out. She lives a very active lifestyle and loves to relax by listening to music and hanging out with her friends.